Basic Network Structure and it’s components

Basic Network StructureAs a programmer, we need to know how the network works. which helps them to understand the importance of networking. How networks really work is a general way to demystify how networks really work. So to understand this, we need to understand the structure of the network.
So today we are going to learn about what a network is, how it works worldwide, and the basic network structure. We are also going to take a look at the structure of the network.

Basic Network Structure

To communicate with one another, we need networks. The internet is the means by which a computer can connect to another computer all over the world.

connetion diagram of computers, how the computer connects to another comptuters

There are two types of networks:

  • Local Network
  • Global Network

Local Network

The internet is a local network.
How do we transfer the bits? The network can’t work with the programming languages. They have not submitted strings or anything else.

what is local network, lan cable
Local Network

Again, hardware can only work with base two (2) numbers, one(1) and not(0).
We need a LAN cable to use and transfer the bits. LAN means Local Area Networks.

LAN Cable

It’s a cable by which two computers connect and send data to each other. The data is sent and received in electric charges, positive and negative.

What is a Router?

A router is a computer. It has chipboard made of silicon. It has firmware. It has a process as a memory as a RAM. so it can temporarily store data and also detect data.

signal amplification, what is a router

When we connect the LAN to the computer to the router, So we get a local network. We have only two types of connectivity.

  • Wired
  • Wireless 

We can’t have any other type. wireless ariel technology. Ariel sends the bits and receives the bits. We need two or more computers for a network. The network is two-way: send or receive.

Global network

A global network is any communication network that connects the entire globe. When the local networks connect with each other, then we give shape to the global network.

global network, global network structure
Note: The first global network was established using electrical telegraphy, and the global span was achieved in 1899.

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