Djuices (short for Digital Juices) is a programming and technology-based learning platform.  It is currently available Globally. In 2021, Djuices was launched by Zero Group.

We provide programming, technology related articles, tutorials, tips, tricks, and advice for improving skills.

The Djuices were created with the premise that there is a subset of readers who like to acquire new skills at their own speed from the comfort of their living rooms.

We worked our way through the process of adding new lessons to our repository, which now boasts a plethora of tutorials and related articles on topics ranging from programming languages to web design to academics and much more.

Our material and tools are freely available, and we like to maintain them that way in order to encourage our readers to learn as many skills as they can. We do not compel our readers to join up with us or provide us with their contact information. There are no prerequisites or obstacles. Simply said, learning is simple!

We are a small group of dedicated developers that are continuously striving to produce programming materials that are accurate and easy to comprehend. The Djuices strives to make high-quality education accessible to the general public.

Education has become increasingly expensive over the years, putting it out of reach for many people. You may be surprised to discover that students in most industrialized countries turn to prostitution to pay their college tuition costs. We aim to remove this financial impediment to obtaining a decent education. The only impediment to education must be a person’s hunger for knowledge.